Build you.



About The Mill Exercise Studio

At The Mill, we are focused on building you! Through specifically designed group fitness classes conducted in a community-based environment, our priority is to support you in achieving your personal fitness and wellness goals. Our classes include yoga, barre, strength training, aerobic step, and high intensity interval training (HIIT). Each class has been tailored to range from low to high impact and target specific movements and ranges of motion. We welcome any and all who want to better themselves through exercise, positivity, and energy---whether you are training to run a marathon, looking to sweat with like-minded individuals in your community, or stepping foot into your first group fitness class, we are here for YOU!




Intensity: X X  


MillBarre shakes your entire body! Throughout this barre class, specific muscle groups are targeted using isometric strength training and small range of motion movements. Many of the moves are inspired by ballet dance and yoga, but absolutely no experience is necessary in either to participate.  Come embrace change and build you through good shakes!


Intensity: X X X X X


MillSurge will have your heart pumping!  Using one of the best tools---your own body weight---along with other equipment, you will go through class targeting specific muscle groups in the way of high intensity interval training (HIIT). The focus of this class is to get your heart rate up and build cardiovascular endurance and strength. Modifications and challenges for exercises are always available so come one, come all, and let’s surge together!


Intensity: X X X 

MillExpress is a 30 minute class with a direct focus on upper or lower body.  The format of the class varies but is often completed in an interval manner.  This class will get you moving and sweating and out the door in a short amount of time!



Intensity: X X X X 


MillStep is an aerobic exercise class that will get your heart pumping and undoubtedly leave a smile on your face.  You will work your entire body during this class that is full of upbeat music and lots of laughs.  Bring a pair of clean, inside shoes to this class.


Intensity: X X X 


MillCarve is a full body workout that encompasses muscular and cardiovascular strength training.  Weights and resistance bands are used throughout class but are always optional. The focus of this class is to build strength and challenge your body to grow and embrace your full range of motion.  It is an upbeat, fast-paced class that is waiting for you to come feel the burn!


Intensity: X X X


MillDrive is a dynamic, total body, low impact workout designed for all levels of fitness.  Kettlebells provide a unique and powerful tool that combines cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility training.  Improve your total body strength in this accessible, challenging, highly effective class.


Intensity: X X X 


MillSculpt is a power yoga class that incorporates weights (optional) and will challenge your body and mind as breath and strength come together as one.  This class is a great counterpart to our other classes, allowing your muscles to be worked in different ways as you flow through various postures and positions.


Intensity: X 


MillFlow is a vinyasa based yoga class that allows you to challenge your body while connecting movement to breath. This class is suited for those with and without yoga experience.

*MillPower is one step up from MillFlow.




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